Q.1 Should the baby be breastfed immediately after delivery?
Ans- It is beneficial to breastfeed the baby immediately after delivery as,
1) Colostrum which is the first yellowish secretion from the breast, contains substances which protect the baby from getting any infection and acts like a vaccine.
2) It prevents breast swelling and pain, reduces post delivery bleeding.
3) Sucking reflex is most active at that time

Q.2 How long should the breastfeeding be continued?
Ans- Mother's milk is a complete nutrition for the baby for first 6 months, thus the baby should be exclusively breastfed. And it is beneficial to continue for atleast one year.

Q.3 Exclusive breastfeed for 6 months, what does it mean?
Ans- Exclusive breastfeeding means giving only breastmilk to babies during this period without addition of any other supplementary fluid, food or milk.

Q.4 How can the mother know, the baby is getting enough milk?

Ans- 4-6 wet disposable diapers or (6-8 cloth), 3-4 bowel movements in 24 hrs indicate the baby is getting adequate amount of milk.

Q.5How many times baby should be breastfed?
Baby should be fed on demand with at least more than 8 feeds in 24 hours. Initially the demands are very frequent but by 1-2 weeks the frequency decreases. The baby should be fed as frequently and for as long as he wants to, even at night. Breastfeeding at night helps maintain the milk supply as more prolactin is secreted during the night. Satisfied child releases breast spontaneously. Mothers do not have to stop breastfeeding.

Q.6 Can fruit juices, soups be given during early months of life?
Ans- The baby should be exclusively breastfed, “in first 6 months.” Any other food supplement may have harmful effects like diarrhoea. It may also deprive the baby from getting adequate breastmilk.

Q.7 Are vitamins required during first six months?
Ans- NO. A baby who is exclusively breastfed for first 6 months does not need tonics or vitamins. Bottle fed babies however may need vitamins. For further information take doctor's help who can advise you in a better way.

Q.8 After a Caesarean-section delivery, can the baby be breastfed ?
Ans- Yes. All mothers who have caesarean section deliveries are successful in breastfeeding. The operation has no effect on breastfeeding. You can breastfeed after 4 hrs of operation or once you are out of anaesthesia.

Q.9 What if a mother does not get enough breastmilk ?

Ans- There are safe galactagogues to promote and enrich lactation which enhance the breast-milk production in lactating mothers with inadequate level of milk production.

Q.10 What is a Galactagogue ?
Ans- A Galactagogue, is a substance that induces “lactation”. Galacto means milk and Agogos means flow.

Q. 11 When should galactagogue be started in event of inadequate milk supply?
Ans- One can start taking a galactagogue immediately after delivery and continue till the mother breastfeeds her baby.

Q.12 How often do I have to take Mamalait?
Ans- Twice a day (2 scoops) in milk, fruit juice or water.

Q.13 How long do I have to continue with Mamalait?

Ans- Atleast 1 year.

Q.14 Does it contain any harmful substances, like heavy metals?
Ans- No, it does not contain any heavy metals as the product is analyzed for heavy metals, and found to be within permissible limits.

Q.15 Is it free from bacterial/ fungal contamination?
Ans- It is completely safe for consumption and tested for bacterial and fungal contamination before packing.

Q.16 If I am diabetic, can I use this product ?
Ans- Mamalait contains sugar as an excipient, it is safer to consult your physician or diabetologist.

Q.17 Can the product be taken if there are any other medical problems viz. heart diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases?
Ans- It is safe, but you have to consult your doctor.

Q.18 I am taking medicines. Can I still take Mamalait ?
Ans- Yes. You can take Mamalait, as it has no side effects. For further advice consult your doctor.

Q.19 I want to start bottlefeeding so that baby does not refuse to accept it later what do you suggest ?
Ans- Baby plastic bottles are lined with epoxy resins made of 'Bisphenol A' which is declared as potentially hazardous. There is no need to start bottlefeeding for this reason. Bottle is never required as the baby can start drinking milk from a cup or a glass.

Q.20 Have any clinical studies been performed on Mamalait?
Ans- Yes. Clinical studies have been performed and lactating mothers have shown beneficial results.

Q.21 What is special about Mamalait as a galactagogue?
Ans- Mamalait is a 100% herbal product. The primary herb Shatavari is an age old herbal galactagogue recommended in Indian system of medicines (Ayurveda).

It causes digestive problems and malnutrition.
It may cause suckling and development problems.
It increases the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and allergic conditions.
It can never create a bond between mother and child.
It does not protect the mother from another pregnancy soon after birth.
It is unhygienic, expensive and less nutritious.
It is harmful to the baby as it is not prepared under perfect hygienic conditions and causes diarrhoea.
It is inferior to mother's milk in all respects and the baby cannot develop immunity.

It is needless to say that the wife needs the husbands support
a) Letting her know that she is setting a good example for mothers in the community by exclusively breastfeeding her baby.
b) Learning yourself about breastfeeding
c) Helping your wife with childcare , so that she can rest .Spend some time with your baby, hold and cuddle him.
d) Helping your wife by giving extra time and attention to your elder children.
e) Making your partner feel good about herself by praising her job as a mother.
f) Telling your wife and your relatives that you want your wife to breastfeed, and that you know that mother's milk is the best food for your baby.

What you should avoid
You should not doubt your wife's ability to provide enough milk for your baby.
You should not feel embarrassed if she is feeding baby outside home.
In case you smoke , please do not smoke in your baby's room.